The Star Spangled Banner/America (Smokey Robinson)

Celebrating the 4th of July with this great rendition

Diana (Paul Anka)

This is for Diana. ‘Cause it’s her birthday.

Baby Please Don’t Go (Them feat. Van Morrison)

Here “Them” is. Here “Them” are. Here “Them” be.

Doug the Jitterbug (Cherry Poppin’ Daddies)

This video was filmed at my old stompin’ ground in Corvallis, Oregon. Been to the Whiteside Theater many times way back when. It had a great balcony. Now it has great music.

A cover of a 1939 song originally performed by Louis Jordan, the “King of the Jukebox.”

Make Some Noise (Salvador)

Like the man says …

Ghost Riders in the Sky (Glenn Campbell and Roy Clark)

Seven (7!) guitars in this performance.

Wild West End (Dire Straits)

By request


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